The Ascendant

Virgo generally a difficult Ascendant:

Virgo, as the sixth sign, has the negative indications of sixth house, the tendency toward disease and enmity. It is one the most materialistic types of Ascendant.

Libra Ascendant generally strong and successful:

Libra is often considered to be the best Ascendant because main negative planet Jupiter, whose great benefic nature often makes it function in a positive way. Saturn, ruling houses 4 and 5, becomes the Raja Yoga planet, a great benefic. Libra is a cardinal sign, which gives strength and capacity to affect the world.

Taurus and Scorpio Ascendants prone to self-created diseases:

If Ascendant has planets ruling houses of diseases 6 or 8 along with other malefic houses (3, 6, 11, 12), then such planets become powerful disease significators for such Ascendant. Jupiter becomes such disease significator for Taurus Ascendant and Mercury for Scorpio.

Mars – a difficult planet for Gemini Ascendant:

Houses 3, 6 and 11 indicate egoism and excess use of force, along with a tendency towards a manipulative, aggressive nature and ulterior motives. When planet rules these houses it can make an individual overly impulsive and self-promoting to the point of blindness or violence. Mars is such planet for Gemini Ascendant.


Jupiter gives wealth for an Aquarius Ascendant:

When planet rules over houses of Artha (wealth) it gets status of significator of wealth. The strongest case, when planet rules over houses 2 and 11 as in case of Jupiter for Aquarius Ascendant. It is even more auspicious in this case because Jupiter itself is a natural significator of expansion and abundance.

The Moon often inauspicious for Sagittarius Ascendant:

Moon is a ruler of 8 house of disease for Sagittarius Ascendant. Moon in this case may indicate unhappiness, problems and even diseases (moodiness, depression and negativity) in emotional level of mind (manas), which Moon naturally represents. On physical level, it may indicate problems with body fluids, representation of Moons energy on this level of manifestation. Likewise, it may indicate chronic disease and short lifespan of native’s mother.

Leo Ascendant often have difficulties in relationship, or differences of age or status with the partner:

Saturn as a ruler of houses 6 and 7 for Leo Ascendant is a planet of enmity as well as relationship. It gives tendency to subordinate their partners or choose one lower in status or with great difference in age.

Strong and Weak Ascendant

We must discriminate between strong and weak Ascendant types. A strong type Aries Ascendant would be wilful, forceful, outgoing, outspoken, headstrong with much drive and initiative. A weak Aries type, however, would be weak, impulsive, emotional, reactive, defensive, may get headaches, ulcers or other diseases. The weak type reflects the field of the sign but not the quality of its force. A strong Leo type will have a strong character, will power, drama and power about them. A weak Leo type would be self-defeated, have excessive imaginations about themselves, have too high standards and suffer from a feeling of lack of accomplishment.

Psychologically, Sun types are characterized by a strong will and a strong vital energy. They are independent and proud, perhaps vain. They like to be leaders or authorities and can gain much power over others. They turn others into their satellites and like to be the bestower of light. They are highly perceptive, a little critical, and can probe deeply into things. They make good scientists or psychologists. They have strong emotions but are seldom overcome by them.

Usually Sun types have a philosophical or religious disposition and are ethical in their actions. This comes out later in life, when they often become contemplative. In youth, they are largely people of action rather than words and like to command a strong presence in the world. There is something noble or aristocratic about them and they like to associate with people and principles of value.

Strong and Weak Ascendant

Often when an Ascendant is weak, other people in the life of the native may express its qualities. A weak Leo Ascendant may not make for a strong personality. The strong Leo traits may appear in relationship or in the circumstances of the life. The individual may work for or under or be related to strong Leo types. Leo would show their field of human communication and self-projection, but not the energy that they are able to develop themselves.